ORENDA – the concentrated will for happiness!

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Call for ORENDA. Call for the peace of your soul. Call for the glittering essence to infiltrate your thoughts as your thoughts are your actions and you are acting out of love and light. You truly are beautiful light-workers for All that Is. Be joyful, be quiet, be calm. Light is around you. ORENDA is something that centers you and drives you inwards towards a beautiful universe of peace and love. ORENDA is your cry, your call for good to share. Your story is important. My dear being, let’s connect, let us be, vibrate, feel, emanate, communicate and radiate love and light! For those are the essence and they are eternal. You are eternal as you are made of love and light and you are free.

Call for it! ORENDA will help you summon your co-creative energy. Free up your soul, let it be clean as the seeds of Love will only radiate light in a soul free of impurities. Stay calm for Love needs a calm soul to spread light. Stay loving for Love needs a dearing friend to cherish and bless. Stay willing for Love is passionate in creating. Stay vibrant as Love is always vibrating. Stay miraculous as Love is a true miracle for All who believe. Be believing as Love nurtures no doubt. You will be free in Love as Love is your free will. A will for Love is a loving will. A kind radiance of brilliant light.

So call your ORENDA to reunite with the light and rejoice in the Love of All that is!

Thank you, loving soul. Blessings from us all.

Written by Gala Marino, a humble messenger