My ORENDA journey to spiritual awakening

The rat race


… Brring! It is 5:45am! Time to wake up and hurry through your morning routine. Remember? You have to stick to the schedule! Hurry up: shower, breakfast, coffee, time to wake up your child. Hurry! You are behind! You have to drop your 5-year old sleepyhead at the before-school care. Get on the car! Don’t slam the door! Hurry or you will miss the subway train. It’s 8am and you have to go through your day job duties. Hurry, you have to produce … revenue, figures, quality, service … Hurry! Almost time to leave work! Come on, leave that email. You have to catch the subway train on time so that you pick up your child on time before they close the after-school care. Wait for a sec. Am I on schedule? Oh, thanks God! Come on, little kid, we have to hurry home, cook dinner, prepare your homework, read a bedtime story… Finally, time for me … or is it? What time is it? 9:30pm? Oh, yay! I will now allow myself “a me myself time”, for at least an hour … In less than 30 minutes you are already asleep in front of the TV…

And another day breaks… Is it sunny? Who has time to look through the windows at the other ways gorgeous yacht marina just outside your building? Let’s turn on the weather channel. Now, let’s hear the news: the dollar is down, car collisions, shootings, a plane crash… and... Birthday Celebrations! Hurry! You need to follow your schedule! Schedules, agenda, time, Time, TIME! … And stress, Stress, STRESS!

Just an ordinary life. My life. Your life. Her life. His life. Our life…

Or, can you call it Life?

I would call it a well-scripted, wisely-produced, smartly-directed and blindly-followed dream. A nightmare conceived in a way that all we live, breathe and emanate is fear, servitude, anger, hate aggression. Depression, helplessness, hopelessness, lifelessness…

“Hello. It is your soul calling. Do you hear me? Do You hear me? Do YOU hear me? I want you to be happy!”

“Leave me alone! Don’t you see?! I am already happy. I have a successful career, a nice new car, an expensive condo overlooking the yacht marina, I live in the heart of a city bustling with life. I…”

“Are you Happy?” No response. The mind/body complex is deeply asleep dreaming colorless, soundless, humanless stories. Illusions that it distortedly takes for real life.

Day after day, until the death do us part…

My soul is talking

It is 9:30pm, the child is sound asleep, the dishwasher is loaded, the lunch boxes for the next school/work day are ready… me-myself time! Finally! Let’s rest my back on the sofa and check a few social media updates. Wow! What a gorgeous picture! Red rocks, sunrise, light, softness, harmony, peace… Happiness! This is surreal! Where is this? I wanna go there, see the light, feel the happiness, the colorful life. The Love!

“Hello! This is your soul calling from Sedona. I have been waiting for you. See you there.”

“Wait! Don’t go! Where is this?” No answer. “Let’s Google it… Sedona, Arizona! I will be there!”

I gasped full of inspiration. Inspiration! I had totally forgotten that word! My crazy daily schedule did not call for it! Ever!

The journey to self

Yes, it did start in Sedona, Arizona. At that time I did not really know that I was indeed on the road to my soul awakening. It was my Orenda call that I must have missed. All I wanted, all I needed was to breathe the nature’s beauty, to admire the red rocks, the sun, the mysticism that was in the air. I wanted to enjoy the soft whispering of the charming, quiet little town, rich with 'not of this world' stories, energy vortexes, sudden happenings, visionary dreams, spiritual gatherings, crystal prisms, fortune tellers, mystical teachings and Nature!

I felt overwhelmed by the red rock beauty! I fell in Love with it! I felt part of it! I breathed its energy! I vibrated with its vibrations! It was truly surreal! My life adventure! Prana for my soul!

This is how it all started: the journey towards my inner self, towards my soul, as I came to realize a couple of years later.

I slowly started waking up, be inspired, see color, breathe the wild and precious Life whose warm and loving smell my big city life schedule had purposely made me forgotten.

I was Alive! Awake! Aware!

I was part of the Divine Design. I have always been. It had just taken me a while to realize that. But that is OK. I stopped blaming and started forgiving. I started being grateful for everything, for everyone, for my challenges, for my achievements. I grasped the duality of Nature. I perceived the teach/learn model of the world. Everything is alive and is One! Everything is in constant motion, it vibrates, it spirals, it evolves, it radiates energy, light, love, wisdom, truth. It is Infinite. It is God, the Creator. We are Creators. We are. I am.

Thank you for reading my story!

If you read this, you are Aware, you are Awake, you are Enlightened!

Gala Marino