About O.R.E.N.D.A.

Once upon a time on a sunny beach by the ever boosting ocean of inspiration, an idea hatched out of the horizon where the sun kissed the water and melted into a translucent flow of light, calmness, kindness, forgiveness and love.

O.R.E.N.D.A. was born.

It sprang out of the revival of spiritual energy and divine awareness that painted my soul in the most vibrant colors of a butterfly. It was at this inner moment that my life mission enfolded. I needed to help people embrace their inner divine essence by organizing events that would revive their appreciation, harmony, passion, faith, vibration and courage. Those keys would facilitate the flow of Love, Forgiveness and Spiritual Energy that would raise their vibrations and would help them ascend to reunite with their cosmic origins.

I decided to use O.R.E.N.D.A. as an acronym for Organization for Revival of Energy ‘N’ Divine Awareness.

I was inspired by the idea of this acronym, Orenda being an ancient word that holds mystical powers.

The Iroquois believed that Orenda is the invocation of the power of human will to change the world around us. It is set up to be the opposing force to fate or destiny. If powerful forces beyond your control are trying to force you one way, Orenda is a kind of voiced summoning of personal strength to change fate.

According to the ancient Bulgarians, Orenda is a spiritual path, a practice, a concentrated will for happiness that unites us with our light essence, the breath of God, the Divine energy.

It was there, on the brink of the ocean of Love and Forgiveness, that I found my ORENDA.

It was then, that the everlasting Love inspired me with my life mission: to organize events that will help people find their own ORENDA.

This is my passion!

I trust that the events that I organize will inspire you find yours!


Gala Marino