Do you believe in miracles?


My Miracle is called Gratitude!

It was not long ago that some providence drew me towards a book by Rhonda Byrne named "The Magic". This very book marked my initiation to the path of light, love, kindness and forgiveness.

I would normally not follow a book of guiding exercises but by some mysterious force I did that time. I am truly grateful that I opened this book! It opened a world of miracles in front of me! Miracles that happen every moment of every day in my life! And bring me true Happiness!

Is it by some form of a miracle that you are reading this blog post? You may not read similar blog posts at all. Well, if you did read this, please name the miracle in your life?

Let's spread a blanket of light, love and gratitude on all beings! Let's share the miracle!

Thank you! Thank YOU! THANK YOU!

Gala Marino