It all starts with LOVE!


When I sit quietly and calm my mind, the one and only thing I come upon is LOVE.

Love that is pure and forgiving. Love clearing and healing. Love radiating light. Love invocating calmness, kindness, openness, gratefulness, freedom.

Love everlasting, surrounding everything, dissolving imperfections, vibrating with our Creator.

Love that takes you up. Love that teases you in the passion of the dance, the perpetual movement, the spiraling motion that smoothens the edges of your soul and purifies it, elevates it, sets it free to reunite with All that is. Colorful, playful, harmonious dance. Coming and going like the waves of the ocean. It submerges you in the cosmos of vibration, aliveness, awareness. The subtle whisper of your soul. It is guiding you to the utmost harmony, happiness, oneness.

It is attuning you to All that is.

Recently I had the utmost pleasure to listen to Belinda Womack spreading the messages of the Twelve Archangels about Love. And what a liberating, pure joy it is to hear this lady talking. I truly felt breathing light and love.

So go forward and rejoice yourself in the Love and the Light of our Infinite Creator!

She says:

Focus on LOVE! It is the greatest power in All of the Cosmos!
— Belinda Womack

And continues:

Human beings that are willing to take responsibility for their own behavior, their own passions, their own feelings, even though they have lives of hardships, they are willing to love and practice love and kindness, those are the conscious beings.
— Belinda Womack

I truly believe it is time to raise our consciousness, our vibrations and we can only do this through love and forgiveness.

For centuries we have been living and breathing fear. It was fear that once separated the ego and the soul. According to the book, "A Course in Miracles" by Dr. Helen Schucman, there are two belief systems: love and ego. One is real and one is false. The ego adheres to the false system and is what humans have once created. It projects attack, guilt, fear. The love was given to us and is the only real system.

As we are headed towards transformation, it is love that would help us bridge the ego and the soul. So let us choose only the thoughts of love and release those of aggression and denial, fault, guilt and anger. And it is love, unconditional love that shall heal us. Love shall lift us up, set us free and make us rejoice ourselves in the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator.

Thank you, dear friend, for reading my first blog!

Gala Marino